Tips and Tricks to Destress

There is no secret that 2020 is considered by the majority of people a stressful year. Clearly not for nothing. Financial difficulties, locks down in house for days and weeks in row, lost jobs and fear for the future, all these clearly have an impact on people’s emotional and mental health. Jonathan Landsman said: “There is NO WAY you can enjoy the present, if you’re busy thinking about the past.”. I would add to this: or “excessively worry about the future”.

So, are you one of those who start to struggle with headaches during the day or wake up with a pounding head? Overwhelmed by worry & stress, negativity, anxiety and panic attacks, fears or phobias or obsessive thoughts?

Now, imagine that you wake up full of energy, in a good humour ready to start your day. Get everything you want, done and cope easily with daily stress. You go to sleep early, completely satisfied with your day’s achievements. Does it seem like a dream to you? Completely unrealistic?

What if I will tell you that simple lifestyle changes could dramatically reduce your stress and create a better, happier, more focused YOU?

I will teach you simple tricks and tips backed by the latest research and solution-oriented programs to not only understand and address anxiety’s root causes but also to guide you toward supportive approaches to naturally eliminate your anxiety, by uncovering hidden triggers and address unwanted medication side-effects — so you can get relief!

You can truly get started to become a better and more calm YOU!

So, let’s dig into it.

Firstly, let’s look at the neurological root cause of anxiety and the relationship between stress and the HPA axis (hypothalamic-adrenal-pituitary axis). When in high stress for too long, the HPA axis gets dysfunctional. Hypothalamus (situated toward the front of your skull), adrenal glands (on top of kidneys) and the pituitary gland (just below the hypothalamus), produce many chemicals and release cortisol, glucocorticoids and other hormones that regulates your stress response, your mood, digestion and immune system response. If, for example, you are passing through a tough day at work and a nasty confrontation with your boss, your body gets into a fight and flight state, releasing cortisol and activating the sympathetic nervous system. Part of the cortisol gets back to the hypothalamus to inhibit the corticotropin hormone while another part gets back to the pituitary gland to inhibit adrenocorticotropic hormone, which will decrease the production of epinephrine and norepinephrine by the adrenal glands. In healthy individuals with low-level of stress, the HPA axis works well. But, when the stress becomes chronic and the cortisol and norepinephrine is overproduced, the HPA axis gets dysfunctional, desensitized and incapable of giving the orders to calm down. The result? Wake up every morning tired, groggy until you sip from a cup of hot liquid cortisol, used in excess by so many: coffee.

Chronic stress has another nasty effect: slows down the immune system, so your ability to fight infections or viruses decrease substantially. Overproduction of cortisol results in an acute or chronic inflammatory state. One of the cortisol functions is to modulate inflammation which, to its turn, modulates tiredness through some small, proinflammatory proteins called cytokines.

That’s the reason why shutting down inflammation is a potent way to reduce stress. Popping up 1000 mg of curcumin greatly impacts the inflammation and balances your HPA axis.

At CurAge Med you can find a synergistic combination of supplements considered an anti-anxiety powerhouse: Zinc, B vitamins, Magnesium, GABA and vit D. For some people, zinc and vitamin B6 deficiency greatly impact anxiety.  Blood sugar imbalance, sugar and alcohol all promote anxiety, contributing to nervousness and irritability.  GABA plays a major role in anxiety. Is an important calming neurotransmitter and an amino acid. CurAge Med uses a liposomal form of GABA, sublingual, that easily crosses the blood-brain barrier.

Food sensitivities could also contribute to your anxiety. At CurAge Med the doctor in place will check your food intolerances getting to the root of your anxiety problems. Blood tests could also detect a gluten sensitivity that will limit the availability of tryptophan which leads to decreased levels of serotonin. Gluten is often involved in anxiety and other moods problems.

The doctor can also recommend a blood test to indicate if you are struggling with low stomach acid. A low level of total serum protein, globulin and blood urea nitrogen can indicate low stomach acid which impairs your body’s capacity to break down proteins with impact on tryptophan (serotonin precursor) availability.

Dysbiosis or imbalance of intestinal bacteria or parasites can create a lot of anxiety. The reason why so many people sleep so bad during full moon nights is that parasites get active when you go to bed. Restless leg symptoms, calf cramping, teeth grinding, bedwetting, insomnia are all worse around the full moon. We all know that the tide changes during the full moon. So water is influenced by the moon. Or, the vast majority of parasites are actually water. So, on the full moon the parasites activity and replication is at its peak.

Dysbiosis can also be caused by low stomach acid, stress, medications.

Another important aspect, often ignored by people is the dysfunction of the ileocaecal valve that can remain open permitting contents of the colon to move back up into the small intestine, disrupting the flora. If you struggle with constipation, then, the pressure on the valve can force it to remain open. A relaxing but also therapeutic abdominal massage combined with some cranial osteopathy and foot reflexology that stimulates the vagus nerve is an important element of the CurAge Med Destress Program.

A real comprehensive approach to fatigue, stress and anxiety cannot exclude the most innovative non-invasive medical low frequency PEMF. Ondamed is an optional Add-On to the destress program, but a must for everyone that really wants to dramatically reduce their stress and fatigue. Ondamed is extremely effective for any soft-tissue wound, inflammation and pain, often causes of anxiety and body stress.

Another efficient way to destress is by using a therapeutic sound. All matter is vibrating at a specific frequency. Stress, anxiety, any other disease causes human beings to vibrate to a lower frequency.  Sound was used for centuries to improve moods and balance your sympathetic state (fight and flight) with the parasympathetic one (rest and digest). CurAge Med Destress Program also includes sound therapy as another efficient way to reduce stress. Every cell in our body is programmed to resonate specifically with human sound, so when our bodies receive the right combination of tones, it shifts from a stressed state to a calm one. Listening to uniquely calibrated frequencies will help you to feel relaxed and centered again.

Do you want something extremely relaxing that will almost instantly reduce your stress and anxiety? Infrared sauna blankets use infrared light to heat the body and loosen tight muscles. Only 30 min inside an infrared blanket will melt away all your worries and body tensions. Infrared light combined with internal layers of tourmaline, amethysts and charcoal will do their trick, so, soon you will feel all relaxed and all your tension will disappear.

There are many ways to destress your mind and body, some more efficient than others. But, if you want to really get to the root of your anxiety by using the latest research in the field, you will choose a comprehensive approach that will include patented technologies and the expertise of a functional medical doctor that will guide and counsel you the entire process, step by step. In our days, when anxiety is becoming so prevalent, even between children, an efficient stress-supporting program should become a must.

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